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How are you Bali, what are your activities in 2022?

How are you Bali, what are your activities in 2022?


After 2 years Bali has been abandoned by tourists from various countries, at this time of course we are wondering "How is Bali in 2022? What are you doing?".

Not only tourists from various countries who left their beloved island of the gods during the pandemic, but many businessmen and entrepreneurs returned to their hometowns with very sad feelings and didn't know who else to complain to, just being resigned and trying to accept the reality. bitter.

But besides that there are some people who return to start small businesses from scratch, there are also those who return just to see the situation and what is even sadder are those who return to pack clothes and the contents of their rooms to move to their hometowns and decide to stay in the village forever.

This pandemic will be the bitterest history in Bali and around the world. I don't know when all this will end.

Currently, those who come back to Bali start their activities by doing simple jobs, many of them become online motorcycle taxi drivers and some are construction workers. This is certainly not easy but they always have the determination to always work hard for the sake of their family even though the work they do is not as easy as it used to be.

We will always miss the old moments, Hopefully Bali and the world will soon rise and return to the way it was before.